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Regulate Cannabis: the first step

RENATO FILEV | In Brazil more than 50 thousand people were killed in 2012. In comparison this number of homicides is higher than Israel/Palestine war just in one year. A broad portion of this killed people was linked to the drug market. Once they are labeled as “dealers” it seems like the society gives the police permission to kill these workers. Unfortunately, the Brazil’s history shows that it was the last country to abolish the slavery, 126 years ago. But nowadays we continue to see that people with different skin color than white are the focus of genocide policies. We have the third population jailed in the world. A largest part of this people is there because they were get selling some stuff, marijuana or cocaine, to another person. And guess, the majority of this arrested are young, black, non violent and comes from popular classes, they were not doing part of organized crime, carried a small amount of drug and the majority were primaries defendants. When we think that the poor and youth people are the focus of these policies, all population should be brave to converge in just one voice to claim to the end of drug war, because this war is not against drugs, but against the people.

Regulate growing, selling and using marijuana is only the first, but precious step to disassemble this vicious and evil cycle of drug illegal market. Legalize all the drugs is necessary to take the control against the corruption and the genocide of vulnerable people. Legalize all the drugs is necessary to decrease the gap between the patients and your safety medicine. Legalize all the drugs is necessary to diminish the stigma and prejudice against the users and thus stimulate the access of this population in the public health policies based in harm reduction. Legalize all the drugs is to open the society to discuss the racism and the poverty, veiled by the drug issue. Legalize all the drugs is to accept the diversity and stimulate the responsible consciousness expansion that was throughout our history highly valuable tool to the human evolution.

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